Monday, 6 March 2017

Scratch and Dent Appliances

If you’re looking for Kitchen Appliance Packages and you’re on a tight budget, here are some ideas to consider.

Most of the Scratch and Dent Appliances can be found at stores that call themselves “Outlets” or “Warehouse Stores”.  Many of your major brand name appliances have their own S&D stores.  They are sometimes called Clearance Stores and they are away from the regular store.

Of course you can look at some of the “used” shops in your area, and you might meet your need just fine there.  Sometimes the Pawn shops in your town will buy up good used appliance and you may find that some of them will be damaged with a scratch or dent. Another place to look is in the phonebook for companies that have “distributor” as part of their name.  We’ve seen some in our area that have damaged appliances for sale.

Most people can dab a little paint and do a little sanding, which should be sufficient for the usual damage that you’ll find. If you’re comfortable with that, this is good for you because you will be able to fix small damages and still get large discounts for the units.  You can usually find a real good deal at these stores and there is usually nothing wrong with the mechanical part of the appliance.  You normally find just the outside damaged and that will only be a little bit.  Usually the scratch is only in the paint and not down into the metal or plastic.  When it is extra deep, you might be able to get some “auto body” filler and spread it thin over the scratch.  Then using a block with some “wet” sandpaper, “block sand” the area until it is super smooth and then re-paint it to make it look like new.  The easy ones will just take a little dab of enamel paint from an appliance store and you won’t even have to sand them or anything.

We’re just talking about Scratch and Dent Appliances now so don’t forget there are mechanical parts below or inside that outer shell.  You need to look the outside all over to find the places that you can fix.  After you’ve done that don’t forget the other things that you should check also.

That’s right the moving parts.  The mechanical parts.  The things that make it work.  Most all of these sales are “AS IS” “NO RETURN” policies that will leave you with useless appliance if you can’t fix it.

So make sure you check the following:

Are all of the components included or installed?  This means that you need to do your homework before you go to know what is normally included.  Make sure you have a salesperson or manager with you and ask them where all the parts, adapters and connections are for the unit.

If you don’t have a truck or trailer make sure you negotiate the delivery of the unit into the price.  Most of the appliances that you want are going to be big and heavy and will sometimes take not only a truck but a lift gate on the back of the truck as well as a professional cart or dolly to move the unit from the driveway to your steps, up your steps to the door then through the house and in some cases down another set of steps to the basement to where you want the washer or drier or freezer or disposal unit.  Even if you have to pay an extra $50.00 it may be cheaper than the damage it could cause your own body.

Finding places to go to look at Scratch and Dent Appliances is a good job for a rainy Saturday.  You’ll get a feel for price and condition and who you feel comfortable dealing with.  After you get a list of 6 or 8 places you find acceptable, check around with friends and family and even other appliance stores.  Ask about the companies on the list and see if they are reputable.  After you get your list down to 3 or 4 that you can deal with go in and ask for the best price.  Remember these companies usually buy in bulk, at least small quantities and that means that they have a good margin to work with.  Always ask if they will let the appliance go out the door for $XX.xx, and make it about 2/3′s the asking price.  It’s always good to ask.

Now get out there and have some fun.  Make a deal!